Daniel Grey Photography

I'm a photographer based in New Orleans, LA. This is my blog dedicated to my street photography.


Shadow Text.

Jan. 2014 | NOLA

RUN! in color.

Sept. 11th, 2013 | NOLA


July 2014 | NOLA

NOLAtron Transforms.

New Orleans’ own Autobot transforms for tourists and locals alike.

Jan. 2014 | NOLA


Tiny Dancer.

A local banjo playing tap dancer, takes a break, and does some window shopping.


The Dylanite.

Her voice is the sweetest, her songs are perfectly executed.  She covers Bob Dylan, and she does it superbly.

French Quarter, NOLA | Feb. 2014


Biceps, Beard and Bows.

My love for beards is only superseded by my love for the violin.  Top: Tanya (of Tanya & Dorise)  Bottom: Bearded Birthday Boy (I swear that’s what he told me his name was. LOL!)

NOLA | Winter 2013

No You May Not Have This Dance.

Cleared Six.

I made a GIF out of some of my photographs.

The Crescent City Connection Over The Mississippi River.

I’m so New Orleans, I remember when this was called the GNO.

Spiderman’s New Gig.

April 2014 | NOLA


Black Magic Woman.

I’ve got a black magic woman

Got me so blind I can’t see

That she’s a black magic woman

She’s trying to make a devil out of me

Turn your back on me, baby

Turn your back on me, baby

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