Daniel Grey Photography

In street photography, there's a moment when people don't quite realize what's going on yet. I live in that moment. It's right before the brow furrows. No matter the race, in that moment, we all look the same.


"It’s a small hood, and it’s all wood, so let me get that number

Hike it up, aight

Hit you on da track later on, see wassup”

- DMX  How’s It Going Down

When I had you

I treated you bad

And wrong my dear

And girl since,

Since you been away

Dontcha know

I sit around

with my head hangin’ down

And I wonder

Who’s lovin you

-Jackson 5  Who’s Lovin’ You

"Don’t wanna let you go

I never can say goodbye girl”

-Jackson 5  Never Can Say Goodbye

Achitectural Details.

Dusk’s Dim Light.

©Daniel Grey Photography, 2014.

Hi. Some of your photos of people are candid and they seem unaware you are there photographing them but do you ever ask permission to take close up photos of people? Do some say, 'Hell no!'?

A question by Anonymous

I always ask permission. Even if they’ve already walked past me. I most often show them their picture. People tend not to reject it because I’m not some creepy guy with a camera hiding to get a photo. I’m in the middle of the street, in their face. By the time I post anything to my blog, I’ve almost always gotten approval from my subject. I keep a stack of business cards and encourage people to email me so that I can send them their pic. Rarely this doesn’t work. Most people are happy because I’m happy. They aren’t afraid because I’m not afraid.