Daniel Grey Photography

I'm a photographer based in New Orleans, LA. This is my blog dedicated to my street photography.


Blues: Day or Night.


The Death Of Us.

Jan. 2014 | NOLA

Lone Never Meant Lonely.

Since summer’s start, I’ve done a great deal of collaborative editing for an extremely talented friend of mine.  pillowfightsonthemoon  is not only a very impressive model, but she is also a talented photographer.  This is one of her self portraits and one of my night time city skylines.  Cheers pillowfightsonthemoon!!!!!

Heart Of The City.

Double Exposure | NOLA

Daniel Grey Photography turned 1 today!  It’s amazing how fast a year can pass! Thanks to everyone that has supported this journey from the start!

With Time Came Brilliance.


Rana: In & Out Of Focus.

I asked Rana to smile.  She did so without looking at the camera.  I asked her to smile again, but my lens was out of focus.  I told her to live up to her name (her name means to gaze/look in arabic).. The final picture was her response.  I couldn’t bring myself to post just one.  I love this story.  Although it may seem insignificant to some, I appreciate every smile my friends and I enjoy.



Smoke Breakin’.

I love this shop here in New Orleans on Decatur St.  All of the women that work there look like they’re right out of the 50’s.

Feb. 2014 | Decatur St., NOLA

Streets In Color.


Look Both Ways Before You Cross Me.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your art, Mr. Grey.

A question by Anonymous

Thank you! You’re awesome! I truly appreciate that Anon!